Song of Solomon + Interviews

I’d like to talk about 2 points from my experience of last class leading discussion,

Firstly, leading discussion about such effective novel and talking about its events was amusing I really enjoyed it especially exchanging our point of view and what attracts us as well as asking questions and how others interpret them and think about them expand our perception and knowledge about it and subsequently help us analyze the literary work much better. For example, when I asked about the meaning of giving Milkman a box of Hagar’s hair, each one of us has their own different interpretation, stories and facts about it.

Secondly, in fact, I’m a little bit shy when it comes to speaking in public and I cannot remember what I want to say so I tend to read more than speak naturally but in this course I felt much better and I tried my best, the environment (Dr. Peebles and my classmates) around a small round table made me feel more comfortable and less anxious. I hope in the near future I overcome this problem