Social media!

My experience with social media I would say is great. Its a great way to keep in touch with everyone such as family and friends. Facebook nowadays I just use to communicate with family overseas. Twitter is a great tool to be up to date on the latest news. I follow allot of the NFL sports writers might have to unfollow all of them since the patriots won. I believe snapchat is becoming more and more powerful. The new update allows you to watch ESPN and other various outlets. I tend to keep things private on social media I dont really post personal things on there. One thing people do not understand is that the internet is not safe and anything you post on here can and will be seen by strangers.  Rarely do I post images of myself online so they aren’t  really authentic. I do not think there is a pressure to have a large number of friends on facebook because everyone at the minimum has 800 to 1000 friends.