Reflecting on My Literary Autobiography

When I first wrote my literary autobiography at the beginning of the semester, without realizing, I was consciously discreet, and I did not write all my personal and social sides. I just wrote what I think is needed to complete my idea especially when I wrote about my reading problems, I mentioned only what I see is enough to fully describe my concentration problems, no more no less.

After reading Auto/Biography chapter, I learned that it is possible to write an autobiography but there will be a lack of authentic self-representation because, as I already mentioned in my answers, of some different factors that affect it: 1- the temporary psychological state 2- the attempts to well represent one’s self. 3- the hidden facts.

1- the temporary psychological state:

we sometimes have either positive or negative emotions regarding some topics that we are supposed to talk about which can affect our real point of view of it by either by hate it or overrate it.

2- the attempts to well represent one’s self:

no one can ever write negatively or try discredit themselves. Contrariwise, we always try to well represent ourselves and stay away from anything can cause us a bad reputation.

3- the hidden facts,

it is actually related to the second point. For our self-esteem, we try to hide what we think is inappropriate to tell.