quantities methods for scholars of texts

Jain Austen proved that she was able to cover all aspects of the novel and this shows her writing power.

Initially, I did not quit understand the “quantities methods for scholars of texts” chapter, and after it was explained to me in the class, I found several places where it was clear enough for me to understand, in the calculation of wealth, inheritance, and the area of ​​property.

As I said at the outset, novelists usually abandon the long description of numbers and limited it to the age calculation, but they increase in the description of places and feelings and they use a huge number of adjectives to help readers understand the story plot, to make them able to imagine the novel better, and make it more enjoyable.

From what I learned that the elaboration of the numbers enhances the absorption of the novel and increases the imagination to link it to the real world. As my dear colleague Marcel, converted the currency in the novel to the US dollar which made discussing the novel fun.