“It is urgent for men to realize their stupid behavior is unwanted/scaring/shocking!”

As an eight-teen year old female, relating to this blog post was inevitable. The title caught my attention because I have encountered many situations similar to the ones talked about in the post. This blog informs readers about her experience with inappropriate behavior from men throughout her life. Street hollering makes young girls and even women feel unsafe. The author is creating a real discussion and spreading a message.

Young girls, teens, and women are most likely to be attracted to this blog. Females can relate to one another on this topic. It would be rare for a male to have an opinion on this topic because “street hollering” and “cat calling” is common to happen to woman.

The style of the blog is informal and casual, but provides evidence to support her opinion. The author of the blog expresses her true emotions. When I read this blog it felt as though a close friend was telling me a story.

The audience of this blog has most likely experienced a similar situation. The feed back would commonly be positive and supportive. Other will be more willing to share their stories. The audience will help the goal to get a conversation started  about verbal harassment.