Breastfeeding and the Sustainable Development Goals


The article is about breastfeeding and how it’s beneficial to the mother and the child. It gives us the comparison of formula and breastmilk. For instance, the fact that have to pay for formula, it’s less healthy than breast milk, and it doesn’t increase IQ’s scores.
This is written for females between the ages of 20-35, psychologists, scientist, doctors, and teen mothers. It’s great for these group of people to read it because it shares good health tips and they can learn from them.
The article is well written, simple to read, and very informative. So all anyone who’s reading this can understand it and can spread the word about breastfeeding.
The content of the reading is very informative, detailed on the subjects, and it also includes much factual evidence. This shows straight forward this article is and how the style and content connect with the subject of breastfeeding. Also how efficient the breastfeeding method is.