Dont Blame the Eater Summed Up

The article “Dont Blame the Eater” is an article written by  David Zinczenko on November 23, 2002. The article was written to educate the public on the reasons for rising child obesity rates. He himself was child during the 1980’s, before consumers were more health conscious,  and ate fast food amost three meals a day. By his teenage years he found himself at 212 pounds and wanted to make a change. Eventuallyhe joined the navy reserves and  learned how to take care of his body and lost the weight.

Zinczenko opens the article informing the reader on the court case of children suing McDonalds for their own weight gain. The author sympathizes with these children by explaining how its difficult to know what one is consuming in fast food due to the lack of nutritional facts on fast food packages. The author exlpains that in the 80’s, child diabetes was mainly caused by genetics, now rates of child obesity hve skyrocketed due to fast food chains. The fast foods these children are eating are sold without warning lables and are filled with health hazards. Zinczenko leaves the reader with a possible solution, to find healthier alternatives to these delicious fat traps, ad to limit consuming fast food to at least onece a day.