Blog #2 “Don’t Blame The Eater’s”- By David Zinczenco

According to David Zinczenko’s ” Don’t Blame the Eater” essay, he believes that there are no healthy food alternatives available to youth consumers without taking all their money. He goes on to say that most healthy food options cost an arm and leg especially for teenagers. Zinczenko also point out the fact that fast foods do not put calorie intake on food labels and this makes it harder for people to make healthier food options, especially children because the fast food industry targets them. Children lack the control and knowledge to be able to say no to the compelling food they always eat. In conculsion, Zinczenko believes that the lack of healthier food options and no labeling on fast food items are factors that contribute to the rise in obesity.

Many Americans believe that the rise in obesity is alone the fast food industries fault, Iv’e always believed it to be part food industry and part parental guidance. parents play a big role in child obesity, parents are suppose to make sure that their children are eating the right food and being active so they don’t put on unnecessary weight. A child’s obesity can also be genetically passed down from parents, if the parent struggled with obesity and weight problems before, It is likely that the child with experience the same problems. Parents need to become more aware of what can bring on obesity because not only does it come from not eating right and genetics because it can also from serious things like depression, knowing all the signs can help stop obesity and make sure your child is at it’s healthiest. In conculsion, by being more concerned and aware of kids eating pattern and more educated on obesity as a whole, parents can help make sure the risk of obesity decreases exponentially.


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