Analysis of "A warning to college profs from a high school teacher"

“A warning to college profs from a high school teacher” by Kenneth Bernstein discusses the educational issues in America. He is a former high school teacher writing to college professor’s. He is apologizing for not being able to provide the incoming class with enough preparation and knowledge needed for college classes. Kenneth Bernstein uses persuasive techniques in order to persuade his audience about his argument that standardized test are delaying student’s preparation from high school to college.

Bernstein informs the audience about the reality of the No Child Left Behind program and how it is hindering the learning experience. According to Bernstein, “America’s public schools have been operating under pressure” (6). High school teachers are now given the orders to prepare the students for passing the exams. This restricts the teachers from actually taking the time to teach important curriculum.

The audience of this article would be college professors and others involved in the education system. The style that Bernstein uses is professional as well as sympathetic. He uses his own experience in order to connect with the audience. He included important departments and statistics that provide convincing evidence that relate to his argument.

Overall this article provided evidence that Bernstein used persuasive techniques that compliment his main ideas and arguments.

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