"A Warning To College Profs From A High School Teacher"

This article goes over the “No Child Left Behind Act”  that was created eleven years ago and reviews the effects and controversy that came along with it. The act made sure that under-privileged students got the top quality education and rights as other students in school. The problems that schools and country’s now had to deal with is that students were being taught to only pass standardized test, and while putting all their focus on test they weren’t really comprehending the material. This put a dent in the education system.

This author also mentions how ill prepared students are because of this issue, in terms of college. When students come to a university with low critical thinking skill professors are really let down, but how can students be at the top level is they  were never taught to think further than the tests and exams that are in front of them. Now it seems like teachers teach only to prepares students for the next test and not for the long run, which hurts the students academically because they are not getting the proper schooling.

Lastly, teachers have to be more motivated and focused on improving the skills and education of the students, they need to be willing to teach more than what’s on the test. Educators have to really push their students to think harder and to improve in all areas so they can be better equipped for college or the real world. As soon educators start to get the big picture  and go into the right direction, schools will make giant leaps forward and help better each student that walks through their doors.