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For my research proposal I would like to combine the performances of W;t and Angels in America. Through these two performances I would like to connect on their similarities of Loneliness, Rejection, and their differences in Society (book worm, homosexual). I will focus on key scenes in each performance and explain how they can be compared and contrasted, but at many levels closely related.

Within Angels In America I will use the scene when first Louis leaves Prior at the hospital and ask the nurse to say goodbye for him — this scene will be connected with loneliness which I will then connect to W;t in the sense that Vivian is also cut off from her true love, teaching, and is left to deal with her illness alone. For rejection I will bring in Roy from Angels In America when he is neglecting the ability to obtain Aids because he refuses to admit he is homosexual — this can then be connect to how Vivian also neglects the fact that she is sick because she is so grossly involved with her work that the pain doesn’t strike her as anything serious. Lastly for position in society I will use the scene in Angels in America where Louis is leaving his grandmothers funeral and expressing to his family that they just missed his girlfriend, he does this because he is uncomfortable admitting that he is homosexual so the only way to feel accepted within his family is to lie about his own being. Vivian also struggles with her place in society — I will use the scene where her professor early on is expressing to her to have fun like the average college student but in her eyes it is better socially to be deeply involved within her studies and to lack a social life.

These scenes are completely different and the scenarios are on complete opposite sides, but they can be oddly connected, and each are rooted back to the fatal illness that is highlighted in each performance.

 Chin, Jacqueline, et al. “THE EXPERIENCES OF LONELINESS AMONG CANCER PATIENTS AND THEIR CAREGIVERS.” International Journal of Psychology Research 8.2 (2013): 123-39. ProQuest. Web. 8 Apr. 2015.

This source contains research that proves patients or caregivers of patients are vulnerable to loneliness. These two groups have been showed to improve with the help of social support groups. This information can be used to support how Vivian went throughout her life with only her teaching to depend on, having said that going through her cancer she had no one to rely on which made her state extremely lonely. Louis being the caregiver, companion to Prior, he is left empty because he cannot find support within his family to cope with his lover’s illness because they think he is straight. Overall this source helps explain that without support loneliness will overtake.

Fisher, James. “Approaching the Millennium: Essays on Angels in America. Essays On Kushner’s Angels, Tony Kushner in Conversation.” The Johns Hopkins University Press (1998): 1-4. Theatre Journal, Web. 30 Mar. 2015.

This source skims across the surface of how democracy, literature, and plays began to make a change within society and many were not prepared for it. This change emerged from the gay community into the AIDS epidemic and how this lifestyle was hard to except and many shamed. This can be use to support the rejection, loneliness, and social titles of the gay community within a world that was beginning to face a realm of change. This information was very useful because it targeted actual things within Kushner’s work that I can use to support characters within Angels in America.

Greene, Bob. “THE AIDS EPIDEMIC: NOT FOR GAYS ONLY.” Chicago Tribune (pre-1997 Fulltext): 1. 30 Jan. 1985. ProQuest. Web. 8 Apr. 2015 .

This source explained that when targeting the gay community, the rest of the world found a sense of relief. This sense of relief continued the spread of the virus because others believe they could not carry it. Overall precautions were not being taken, and a burden was put on the gay community of being the “Problem”. I would like to use this information to support Roy’s reasoning of not wanting to accept because if he did he would be shunned, why Prior did not want to go to the hospital because he wouldn’t be treated fairly, and why Louis did not want to come out to his family because they might disown him. Overall this source had vital information supporting why homosexuals did not want to come forth to the public.

Large, Thomas R. “Resistance in Long-Term Cancer Support Groups.” International journal of group psychotherapy 55.4 (2005): 551-73. ProQuest. Web. 8 Apr. 2015.

This source was directed at cancer groups and how they can prolong life with support among similar individuals. Vivian at first had no support group, but by the end a fellow teacher and loving nurse who help transform her coldness to feelings. Vivian did not outlive her treatments but she died happily, which was all done by compassion, which can be found within group support systems. This source was very helpful and informative of how group settings can diminish loneliness and create togetherness.

Lorde, Audre.”Introduction.” The Cancer Journals (1999): 1-15. Aunt Lute Books, Print. 20 Jan. 2015.

Lorde is an outcast from the start, and explains how she coped with rejection among her friends and found fighters like herself to confide in. This sense of support can be seen through Vivian’s relationship with her nurse and fellow professor and can be contrasted in how Louis does not have that bond with Prior once he walks out. Lorde is not only a fighter, but also a survivor which is how Prior ends up and Vivian in her own sense of finding ones self. This source is extremely useful and a great way to connect on personal experiences because Lorde’s was her own journey much like Vivian’s.

Miles, Charmaine S. “True or False — Cancer Experts Dispel Myths About Breast Cancer” Anderson Independent Mail (2007): 1-2. Factiva. Web. 8 Apr. 2015.

This source, written by a medical director, explained how people target certain disease to certain groups making others feel inevitable to carry it. He focused on cancer, but his overall message is that anyone is prone to acquiring a sickness and that precautions should always me met. This information is vital to use within Roy and Vivian’s case, in the matter that rejection of identifying with a sickness can limit your time of survival. I found this source very eye opening and truthful on the matter of ignorance faced towards disease.

 Rosenberg, Neil D. “New Faces of AIDS Pose New Challenges.” Milwaukee Journal: B1. Oct 21 1991. ProQuest. Web. 8 Apr. 2015

This source, published around the time of the AIDS epidemic, highlights that’s the gay population was the first group named as being the carrier of the disease. The source goes into great explanation of how other percentages of social groups began to add into the blame. I will use this source to help defend the characters of Roy and Louis, in the sense they felt titled and ashamed—limiting them to come forth and share their true identities in part of being rejected. I found this source very helpful and informative in how certain communities, not just the gay community began to be targeted and now have places to go for support and care.

Sulmasy, Daniel P, OFM,M.D., PhD. “At Wit’s End.” Journal of General Internal Medicine 16.5 (2001): 335-8. ProQuest. Web. 8 Apr. 2015.

This source explained the need of improving care of the dying, and treating them as “fellow human beings”, not a science experiment. This can be used to back up the reasoning behind Vivian’s compassionate nurse and how she did not agree with the continuing of treatment. This issue is not only ongoing in the medical world but in personal relationships, which was seen in how Louis just left Prior. Louis showed no compassion as a human but was selfish of his own needs. Selfishness in medical practice and personal relationship interfere of how one should be treated, which is explained within the source.

Thomas, François, et al. “Unprotected Sex and Internalized Homophobia.” Journal of Men’s Studies 22.2 (2014): 155-62. ProQuest. Web. 8 Apr. 2015.

This sources underlining message about the AIDS virus is that directing it to the gay community is harming healthy “self esteem”. Labeling a group triggers a sense of un-sureness and embarrassment, leading individuals to not fully accept themselves because others aren’t. This barricade of not being accepted to be ones own self leads to loneliness. I would like to use this to support the scene where Louis decides to leave Prior in the hospital without saying goodbye in person, this strokes loneliness in Louis because he is guilty of not being his true self, and loneliness in Prior of not having a reliable spouse because he is rejection by society. I found this source truthful in how society belittles others to help make themselves feel better.


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