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For my research proposal I would like to combine the performances of W;t, Angels in America, and The Cancer Journals. Through these three pieces I would like to connect on their similarities of Loneliness, Rejection, and their differences in Society (book worm, gay, black lesbian). I would like to dig deeper within the concepts of how disease sets people apart—for example in community based situations or even close relationships, how the lack of communication can slim chances of living, and why society connects groups of people to specific diseases—Aids=Gay Community and or Breast Cancer=Women. Throughout all of my research and topics I would like find the underlining reason as to why healthy people start to neglect and separate from the sick, because as we all know when you are sick you need the most help. Does labeling a disease with a certain group of people bring comfort and relief to the “So Called” healthy? Justifying that they never should receive the illness? If so, why does this mental state of labeling give them justice, because as we all know we are all prone to obtaining disease—these sick people did not choose to carry the cell or let in an immune killer.

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  1. Hi, Delaney. You could also look at the positive side of stigmitization: potential for identification with a supportive subgroup within the isolated community. You see moments of connection as well as isolation in each of the texts you name as well!

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