DeAndre’ Robertson

Feb. 20, 2020


           One Obvious Sign an Orca is Not Well

Orcas also called killer whales, are actually members of the dolphin family. Orcas hunt in cooperative groups called pods and have distinctive black and white coloring ( These animals give a sign when they’re unhappy or unhealthy. That sign is… their dorsal fin bends. The dorsal fin is located at the top of the orca.

When these animals are put in uncomfortable situations, their fin bends. The most common reason is them being held captive in an environment, for example, Sea World. The tanks are super small and are certainly not large enough for them to swim in comfortably. These tanks could never be bigger than the ocean which is where these animals need to be placed. People cannot lock up animals in a smaller habitat than they’re used to. Can you imagine being locked up in a small cage and expect them to be happy? It’s nothing you’d want to go through, I bet. Imagine being confined in your small closet for the rest of your life, do you feel happy yet? They can also stop eating because they’re not happy which then causes their fin to bend. Orcas can also stop eating when they’re not happy.

I’ve even heard that when they’re held captive, the orcas are fed dead fish! I know what you’re thinking, “of course it’s dead…,” but hear me out. These animals are used to eating live fish, so this sudden change is something they must adapt too which is hard for them. Furthermore, I have also heard of bigger orcas bullying the smaller one which then results in the smaller orcas being depressed. You can already guess what happens to that little baby fin.

Unfortunately, they will eventually die at an early age because of all these issues put together. Holding orcas captive or any animal for that matter puts a huge weight on the them whether people want to believe it or not. They will never be happy after someone takes them from their home, would you? Now ask yourself, if you had the resources to stop this issue from happening at the responsibility of humans, how would you do it?


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