102 fall 2021 Midterm Exam

EN 102 Spring 2021 Midterm Exam

The story you will analyze can be found by clicking this link: https://www.thesunmagazine.org/issues/550/lawrence-the-enormous

“Lawrence the Enormous”  was written by Chelsea Baumgarten and published in The Sun in October 2021

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Midterm EN 102: Literary Analysis 

In an in-class essay, support one of the four following theses about the short story “Lawrence the Enormous”  written by Chelsea Baumgarten. 

To the exam, you can bring a copy of the prompt (these instructions), the short story you printed out, and an outline you made based on the thesis you plan to argue. Your outline may only be an outline–no full sentences–written on a 3”x 5” index card. You may annotate the story but, again, no full sentences.

You should cite specifics to support your argument. Your essay will need clear organization (with transitions) and support for the thesis. This support will come from the text, and you will need to explain how the examples from the text support the thesis.

Make sure that you are prioritizing analysis over summary. Beware of over-quoting and/or not integrating or discussing included quotations. Cite all quotations and paraphrases in MLA format. Include a work cited entry at the end of your essay.

At the conclusion of the exam, turn in your index card, the short story, scrap paper, this prompt, if you printed it out, and your bluebook essay.

Choose one of the theses below and write an essay that supports the thesis with strong, specific support from the text.

    • In her short story “Lawrence the touchy,” Chelsea Baumgarten uses of images touch to tell the story of her characters’ fears and desires.



    • In Chelsea Baumgarten’s short story “Lawrence the Enormous,” real friendship and romantic relationships are  depicted as a fantasy. 


  • In “Lawrence the Enormous,” Chelsea Baumgarten underscores her title character’s feelings of isolation with imagery.


  • In her short story “Lawrence  the Enormous,” Chelsea Baumgarten dramatizes/satirizes a sexist perspective that depicts women as merely emotional support for vulnerable men.
  • In Chelsea Baumgarten’s short story “Lawrence the Enormous,” the author depicts the meaninglessness and toxicity of conventions like marriage and lifelong employment through the lives of her characters, who are grappling with divorce, infidelity, job dissatisfaction, and disease.