Fall Final Exam Presentation Schedule

Check in with us in the main floor of Gailhac at 1:20 to get a program and then head to the first session.  All students stay the entire time (1:30-4:00)  and only switch rooms between sessions.

Session I 1:30-2:30

Gail 101

Chairs: Derek Rivera

Student Concerns

Viviana Perez, “Ways to Improve College Writing Skills”

Sharon Asfaw, “The Academic Approach to Plagiarism”

Leisure and Research

Benjamin Burhenn, “How COVID-19 Affects Collegiate Sports”

Izzy Lopez, “Plagiarism within the Music Industry”


Gail 115

Chair: Rushna Khan

Immigrant challenges

Karla Ramirez, “Immigrant Academic Obstacles”

by Dulce Soto, “Writing Challenges for Second Language Students”


Mundah Massaquoi, “The Academy’s Role in Mass-Brainwashing and Miseducation of Black Students”

Renad Nur, “Islamaphobia: Discrimination Against Muslims in the West”


Gail 114

Co-Chair: Oscar Ortega and Angel Santos

Immigration and Mental Health

Nicholas Krooner, “Mental and Physical Health Issues Among Afghan Refugees Settling in Australia”

Megan Diesseldhorst, “Psychological and Developmental Effects Caused by the Zero Tolerance Policy and Parent-Child Separation at the U.S.-Mexico Border”

New Communication

Youanna Mikhaiel, “Plagiarism in the Digital World”

Renee Shmidt, “GPT-3 Intro to Machine Learning”


Gail 2001

Co-Chairs: Arianna Koerner and Gavin Taylorson

College Writing Pitfalls

Alison Munaylla-Bohorquez, “A Conversation about Academic Plagiarism”

Valencia Tan, “Writing Transition from High School to College”


Abbie Potter, “Plagiarism: But a Different Perspective”

Catherine Bennett,“Documentation with Purpose: Effective Communication for Nurses”


Session II


Gail 101

Chair: Khuslen Battur

College Students Struggles

Sybella Petrescu, “University Students and Plagiarism”

Jake Wornom, “Why Do Students Drop Out?”

The Physical and Mental Struggles of Immigration

Patrick Hayes, “Challenges Unvaccinated Child Refugees Face in Europe”

Dylan Prophet, “Trauma That Causes Immigrants, “Mental Health Issues”


Gail 115

Chair: Jake Schwartzman

Mental Health Research

Patrick Worthey, “Tackling Anxiety: A Call to Action for Academic Institutions”

Lauryn Webster, “College Student Depression”

Overcoming Plagiarism

Ivoree Hill, “Is Plagiarism Combat-able?”

Ana Silva, “Overcoming Plagiarism”


Gail 114

Chair: Rebecca Arias

Immigration Paranoia

Nicholas Mariel, “Refugees Under Australia’s Surveillance”

Jordan Sperry, “American Immigration: How Ignorance Prevails”

Immigrant students

Christian Quite-Marquez “Minor Refugees”

Zahra Al, “What are the factors that migrant students in the U.S. face?”


Gail 2001

Chair: Simon Dimov

Immigration and research

Jordan Bracey, “Dehumanization Towards Undocumented Immigrants”

Madelyn Schirching, “Annotated Bibliography Research Findings”

Economic research

Kahil Easy, “Bibliography Presentation”

Ming Yang, “Undocument Immigrants to the U.S Economy? Positive or Negative?”