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After surveying issues of CCC and College English of approximately the last 4 years, a number of trends stood out in article topics. Perhaps the most commonly found “buzz word” in article titles was Trans. This included “Transdisciplinary Access”, “Transdisciplinary Learning”, “Transnational…”, “Transnational Black Pedagogy” among others. This perspective shows the increasing amount of intersectionality found in the field, both in classrooms and research studies. The topic of “Transdisciplinary understanding of mentoring” reveals the idea that composition instructors  have a need to reach out to other disciplines on the college campus. This idea of more than one thing meshing into one was also seen in the frequency of the word intergenerational, as seen in “Intergenerational Exchanges” and “Intergenerational Knowledge.” Perhaps the pedagogical approaches taken by professors in the 90s are now being adjusted or implemented by new instructors, who are working with effected students during a global pandemic and visible realm of social injustice.

-Greg Gillespie

~ by Bess Fox on October 27, 2021 .

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