Author: Reni Moshos | MU Graduate Student in the Curriculum and Instruction Program


When I prepare for an upcoming semester, I do a couple of things to prepare myself for asynchronous classes and academic success. It can be challenging to stay on top of the class assignments, readings, and remote learning projects. The first task I do once I get my syllabus for each class is to read it thoroughly. To prepare for a class, you must understand what is expected of you, what assignments you will complete, and the materials needed. After reading through the syllabus, I always write down all the due dates of homework, assignments, projects, and exams in my planner. This helps me for asynchronous classes because there is no teacher to remind me of due dates continually, and it also helps me understand how I need to manage my time for each week of the semester. I do this for all of my classes, and to help distinguish the courses from one another in my planner, I color code them with different pen colors. I also highlight the exam dates to ensure they stand out. This strategy helps with asynchronous classes, mainly because it allows reminders of assignments and due dates. It helps organize the semester and acts as a professor reminding you of your upcoming projects.

Many people use online calendars or planners to plan out their semesters. However, I feel it is essential to write it down physically. I prefer seeing/writing it down in my planner so I can cross it off after.

Once the semester begins, I feel more prepared for what to expect and what to do. Another thing I do to manage my time well is to fill in my planner for daily tasks. If I have an assignment due on Friday, I will write “start class assignment” on Tuesday and continue writing it until I complete it. This helps with asynchronous classes because it acts as a reminder since the teacher is not there to remind you. Another crucial item is to cross off things on my planner once I have completed them. I do this because it helps me distinguish what I have done from what I have not done. Secondly, it is very satisfying. Again, this provides a constant reminder for students to see. Instead of a professor saying, “just a reminder, your assignment is due on Monday,” it is all written down for my asynchronous class. Preparing for the upcoming semester can be stressful. However, it is essential to stay organized and set the right tone.

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