Author: Reni Moshos | MU Graduate Student in the Curriculum and Instruction Program   When I prepare for an upcoming semester, I do a couple of things to prepare myself for asynchronous classes and academic success. It can be challenging to stay on top of the class assignments, readings, and remote learning projects. The first, Read More

Author: Alexandra Deleaver | MU Senior; IT specializing in Networking and Cybersecurity, minor in Business Administration   Preparing for a new semester is somewhat of a fresh start for me. I make sure that I am organized and know what to expect for the upcoming semester. After having registered for classes, I make sure that I, Read More

Author: Sara Jimenez Cruz | MU Junior; Political Science No amount of advice; whether from friends, siblings, or professors, can ever perfectly prepare you for the transition from high school to college. During the last few years of high school, many of us have heard that a college is a place where the demand, Read More

Author: Dr. Michelle Steiner, Assistant Vice President for Student Success I recently watched a Ted Talk called “How to gain control of your free time”, probably because I was trying to gain control of my time in general. I find myself spinning, sometimes, as I think of all the things I have to do and, Read More

Goals are an important part of success. They help direct our attention and actions to what we want to accomplish. They’re motivators rooted in dreams and plans. Goals help focus our minds, teach us to manage our time and prioritize. As college students balancing all of your responsibilities and other outside factors can make, Read More

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