Preparing for The Start of The Semester

Author: Alexandra Deleaver | MU Senior; IT specializing in Networking and Cybersecurity, minor in Business Administration


Preparing for a new semester is somewhat of a fresh start for me. I make sure that I am organized and know what to expect for the

upcoming semester. After having registered for classes, I make sure that I have the schedule printed out like a little table so that I can have it on my phone and in my notebooks, planners, and binders for all of my classes. I found that having dedicated notebooks and binders for each of my classes is helpful because I can then have everything for each class in one place. Recently, I started buying a planner for each academic year so that everything I need to do is written down in one place. I like the planners that have weekly and monthly in them because I can then write the big important events on the monthly pages and I can write my homework/assignments on the weekly pages.

For anyone starting their first year in college, I would suggest focusing on time management and organization to get yourself into a good routine for the rest of your time in college. The three biggest pieces of advice that I would give to anyone in college would be the following:

  • Figure out ways to take notes for studying and learning that work well for you
  • Be open to studying with others because it might be able to give you a new perspective on how to approach something that you learned in class
  • Don’t procrastinate on your studies!

A day or two before classes, I always make sure that I know where my classrooms are and what the room set up so that I am not wandering around on the first day. I do this to help calm my nerves and to help myself prepare for the first couple of days. I have also found it helpful to print out the syllabus and read through it so that I know what to expect during class.

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