London, Sept. 4




The urgency of the case, and the opportunity by your servant, will sufficiently apologize for this trouble from a stranger to your person; who, however, is not a stranger to your merit.


I understand you are imploying your good offices with Miss Clarissa Harlowe’s parents, and other relations, to reconcile them to the most meritorious daughter and kinswoman, that ever family had to boast of.


Generously as this is intended by you, we here have too much reason to think all your solicitudes on this head will be unnecessary: For, it is the opinion of every one who has the honour of being admitted to her presence, that she cannot live over three days: So that if you wish to see her alive you must lose no time to come up.


She knows not that I write. I had done it sooner, if I had had the least doubt that before now she would not have received from you some news of the happy effects of your kind mediation in her behalf. I am, Sir,

Your most humble Servant,
J. Belford .

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