Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, Monday, Aug. 7

My dearest creature,

I CAN write just now but a few lines. I cannot tell how to bear the sound of that Mr Belford for your executor, cogent as your reasons for that measure are: and yet I am firmly of opinion that none of your relations should be named for the trust. But I dwell the less upon this subject, as I hope (and cannot bear to apprehend the contrary) that you will still live many, many years.

Mr Hickman, indeed, speaks very handsomely of Mr Belford. But he, poor man! has not much penetration. If he had, he would hardly think so well of me as he does.

I have a particular opportunity of sending this by a friend of my aunt Harman’s; who is ready to set out for London (and this occasions my hurry), and is to return

out of hand. I expect therefore by him a large packet from you; and hope and long for news of your amended health: which Heaven grant to the prayers of

Your ever-affectionate ANNA HOWE

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