Mr. Hickman, To Miss Clarissa Harlowe .

[Sent to Wilson’s by a particular hand.] 

Friday, May 5. 

I have the honour of dear Miss Howe’s commands, to acquaint you, without knowing the occasion, ‘that she is excessively concerned for the concern she has given you in her last letter: And that, if you will but write to her, under cover as before, she will have no thoughts of what you are so very apprehensive about.” —Yet she bid me write, ‘That if she has but the least imagination that she can serve you, and save you,’ those are her words, ‘all the censures of the world will be but of second consideration with her.’ I have great temptations on this occasion, to express my own resentments upon your present state; but not being fully apprised of what that is—Only conjecturing from the disturbance upon the mind of the dearest Lady in the world to me, and the most sincere of friends to you, that that is not altogether so happy as were to be wish’d; and being, moreover, forbid to enter into the cruel subject; I can only offer, as I do, my best and faithfullest services; and to wish you a happy deliverance from all your troubles. For I am,

Most excellent young Lady,
Your faithful and most obedient servant,
Ch. Hickman .

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