White sharks are known as the most fierce hunters in the ocean, but even with the wide known recognition the lives of white sharks are unknown. Their remarkable migrations and behaviors have come to light in the past decade, through the use of biologging tags. These sophisticated tags – think “wearables” for sharks – allow scientists to see beyond surface encounters or the brief interactions divers and fishermen have with white sharks.

By combining tools to study the biology and behavior of the sharks with those to document the biological, physical, and chemical oceanography of the region, scientists can, for the first time, begin to assemble a picture of the role the White Shark Café plays in these animals’ life histories. This information is fundamental to making decisions to best protect white sharks in the high seas. With several days of transit from both Hawaii and the mainland U.S., the deep exploration of the water column in the White Shark Café will also contribute baseline information of a highly underexplored region of the ocean.

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