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The Importance of Unplugging

We all know we leave our chargers plugged in even when we aren’t using them, but ultimately we should be unplugging them. Although you may not think that just leaving a charger in the electrical socket uses electricity, it actually does, so it’s costing you money and you’re not even charging your phone! Leaving a charger in the wall could also lead to a fire or a short circuit. We know how important our chargers are to us. We take them pretty much everywhere with us because we never want our phones to die, but leaving a phone charger plugged in pretty much all the time can lead to it having a small power drainage. This could cause your charger to take longer to charge the device you want to charge.

Unplugging can also go for unplugging your phone if it is fully charged. Did you know that it is bad for your phone to have it charging all night long? Well it’s true! Your phone or any device is not made to be charging all night. Doing this can ruin your battery in the long run. You also shouldn’t charge your phone if the percentage is too high, or if it isn’t dead. This also can ruin your battery and not make it last as long as you would hope it would.

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