Fall 2021 COMM Courses

New Communication course offered in Fall 2021!

COMM 399 Special Topics in Communication: Persuasion and Influence taught by Dr. Kim Meltzer

Course Description:
One of the central functions of communication is persuasion. Governments, commercial entities, political leaders, corporations and institutions, social & public health groups, and even family and friends engage in persuasive efforts. This course considers theory and research in analyzing persuasive communication in various forms on a mass scale, including advertising, speeches and presentations, and campaign messages, and in group and interpersonal communication. We will examine verbal and visual messages and media that attempt to change the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of audiences, and we will consider the potential effects of persuasive communication. In doing so, students will learn to consider source, message and receiver (audience) characteristics. Students will acquire skills in the design and evaluation of persuasive communication messages and campaigns. This course will be useful to students who are thinking about pursuing careers that involve the analysis and development of persuasive communication campaigns in the political, commercial, or pro-social (health and education, etc.) arenas.

Also, the following COMM courses offered in the Fall now fulfill Marymount’s Social Science requirements:

COMM 201 Research Methods in Communication (SS-1)
COMM 360 Gender and Communication (SS-2)
COMM 402 Organizational Communication (SS-2)

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