MU Sports Broadcasting!

Pictured: Kyle Gurganious talks with CMD 307 Broadcast Writing and Delivery course about sports broadcasting opportunities at MU and lets them take a try using the equipment.
On Friday, September 1, 2017, Kyle Gurganious, Director of Athletic Communications at Marymount University, visited CMD 307 Broadcast Writing and Delivery. Gurganious talked with the students about the many broadcasting opportunities available through Marymount athletics. Showing the students live feed videos from MU basketball games, he explained a bit about how all of the technology works, and gave a vision for the direction in which he’d like to see MU athletics broadcasting go. From opportunities behind the camera to the chance to broadcast live commentary on games, Gurganious explained the many and varied opportunities available to students interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes work that contributes to each broadcast. One of the students currently in the class, junior Patrick Berthelette, is already involved with MU athletics and has announced many games live with hopes of continuing to do so until he graduates.
In addition to talking about the chance to become immediately involved in broadcast on campus, the students were also impressed with Gurganious’ discussion of his education, previous jobs, and research for and creation of his portfolio that ultimately helped him land his position at Marymount.
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