Writing Track and Writing Minor

Love writing? Consider the majoring in English in the Writing Track. The Writing Track combines foundational English courses with writing electives and professional support skills. Students in the Writing Track often pursue careers in journalism, freelance writing, law, business, education, and a variety of other fields. The Writing Track is also excellent preparation for an advanced degree in any field. Read more here in the university catalog.

If not an English major, why not pick up a Writing Minor? Writing is a fundamental skill in today’s world, and the writing minor will help prepare you for a professional career and/or graduate education in a variety of fields. The minor develops your persuasive, stylistic, creative, and analytical skills, while allowing you to enjoy your passion for writing.

Minor Requirements:
EN 301 The Writing Process: Theory and Practice
EN 308 Style and Revision
Fifteen (15) additional credits from the following courses: CMD 209 Contemporary Journalism, CMD 315 Writing for Digital Media, EN 211 Principles of Language, EN 270 Approaches to Creative Writing, EN 303 Literary Nonfiction, EN 305 Topics in Creative Writing (may be taken more than once for credit)