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Nora Almazroa
Connections between Fitts (Parts) 1 & 2 of “Sir Gawain” “Visual Methodologies” in Research Methods

As I was reading the interpretation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and “Visual Methodologies” in Research Methods, a connection was obvious for me through the use of semiological analysis, as Gillian Rose defined it “a semiological analysis entails the deployment of a highly refined set of concepts that produce detailed accounts claiming to describe the exact ways in which the meanings of an image are produced through that image”. (74)  and the method used in the modern English translation. Starting from a very general and important word to understand Sir Gawain and the Green Knight which is (moral) and then relate it to Gawain’s virtue signs of the pentangles “franchise, fellowship, cleanness, courtesy, pity” (770) to complete the image.

Also, Gillian Rose illustrated that “signs are complex, however. Any one sign may have several different meanings and can be doing several things at once, so in analysis the same sign has to be described using several of these terms. Which I connected it to the sign of the folded glove and the pennies that are inside it show complexity and have some different meanings that might be linked to the five wounds, some ritual and the five psalms.

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Nora Almazroa
my own literary history

My father was working in ABEGS (Arab Bureau of Education for The Gulf States), and when there were additional copies in the bureau, he comes back home carrying a box full of educational books for us to read. So this is how I started reading, I was 8 years old at that time, and I still have those little books in my cabinet back home, they remind me of these beautiful days when I have nothing to worry about and all I was thinking about is which book to pick from that brown big box.

As I grew up and became a teenager, I used to read romantic some of Ahlam Mosteghanemi novels in Arabic. In college, we worked on a novel by the French author Honoré de Balzac (Eugénie Grandet), we read it and analyzed it. It was for me the real start because it was a great novel by a very famous and talented author in French which is my second language.

Now, I like to read Marcel Khalife and Nizar Qabbani poetry in my free time. They are amazing and touch my heart in each time I read them. Also, I’m taking, for this fall semester, a “Shakespeare text and performance” course and I’m reading and interpreting his plays for the first time.

I sometimes go to the university library or to a book store and I enjoy both, in Saudi Arabia we have Jarir, it is a huge book store with so many sections and some chairs and tables for the public (kids and grownups) to read.

I have a problem with concentration, when I’m reading, I got distracted by everything and it keeps away from staying focused for a long time. However, I do not have a technique to stay focused but I force myself to read even though it takes me really long time to finish my work.

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