Racial Cross Dressing

What is racial cross dressing? 

Racial cross dressing is when someone dresses up as another race using makeup to lighten or darken their skin. The most common form of racial cross dressing is known as blackface.

Blackface is a form of make-up used in film/theater that emerged in the 19th century. It was a way to depict black people in film/plays without actually including them. Blackface was used to construct racial identities of both white and black characters. This form of racial cross-dressing was used to reinforce racial stereotypes about black people.

Whiteface is another form of racial cross dressing and it is the counter to blackface. Whiteface is often times used as a satire to blackface. This form of racial cross dressing is used to portray whiteness and shed light onto racism. Whiteface is not as common as blackface.




Whiteface in Watermelon Man

Blackface in Soul Man

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