Corey and Frank

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Meghan and Roaa

  1. Ballston Tri (Ballston Triangle)
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  5. Great Ballston
  6. Ballston Square
  7. Ballston Common Ground
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Rebecca Stibrik and Morgan Parkin

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  5. Orange Link
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  9. B.P.S (Ballston Positioning System)
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  20. The Orange Explorer


BID directory branding project

Project assignment:

Each team of two students will post to this site by Tuesday 11-15-16:
Post category: BID directory. Include both student names in the title of the post

  1. 20 proposed names for the BID directory and 5 logo designs
  2. 5 logo designs based on 5 of the 20 names
Project links:
Press release about the directory:  directory-press-release

About BID:

Mission: The Ballston Business Improvement (BID) will imagine and implement innovative programs, partnerships and collaborations that bring people together create a sense of community and sense of community and strengthen the economic vitality of our businesses and commercial partners in Ballston.

Vision: Our vision for Ballston is to create a leading business district that attracts, supports and connects the most creative, compelling and ambitious minds in the region.

1. Focus on creating innovative and dynamic opportunities for learning, networking and collaboration.

2. To leverage the unique combination of research, education, non-profit and corporate organizations in the Ballston area.

3. To continue with our focused and impactful placemaking efforts that over time will transform Ballston into a unique, amenity-rich destination with a strong sense of community.