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Our Explorer on NOAA The self-contained underwater breathing apparatus or scuba diving system, as we know it today, is the result of technological developments and innovations that began almost 300 years ago. Scuba diving is the most extensively used system for breathing underwater by recreational divers throughout the world, and in various forms is also […]

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Meet Clelia

Meet Clelia As of 2010, Clelia has been retired from active deployment and placed on display at the Georgia Aquarium as the centerpiece of their deep sea research methods exhibit. Owned and operated by Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Clelia is a PC 1204 submersible built by Perry Oceanographics in 1976 and refitted in 1992 by […]

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Taking a Dive

Taking a Dive Sea urchins like this one were collected during several Johnson Sea Link II dives in the proposed marine protected area. Photo credit: Art Howard, NAPRO.    

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