EXPLORING A SUBMERGED WORLD Our own Modern Atlantis While we are exploring the submerged new world, we  investigate underwater landscapes that haven’t been touched by human activities for thousands of years. The logic for this mission follows this:… Read More

Hercules Under the Sea

Findings Log: 5/13/11 Today we are descending with Little Hercules to a location on the eastern limb of the Galápagos Rift where a strong hydrothermal plume signal (4a west) was recently observed. Hopes are  high, feelings were anxious. When exploring… Read More


Submerge Into a New World Our team, J. M. Adovasio, Nicolas Alvarado, and C. Andrew Hemmings is exploring the sunken Pleistocene landscape to discover evidence of the people who once lived upon it. In Search of Pleistocene Evidence We are collecting… Read More

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