Exploring the Paramount Seamount

Findings Log: 7/24/11 We are diving at ~800m. The ROV Little Herc is moving upslope and exploring the rim of the feature, which probably used to be an island shore a long time ago, before resuming movement towards… Read More

Points of Light

Findings Log: 7/17/11 The area we are looking at over the past few days is a small site along the globe-encircling chain of volcanoes called the Mid-Ocean Ridge. We know there are frequent eruptions along the Mid-Ocean Ridge… Read More

Ghostly Relics

Findings Log: 6/30/11 During our third ROV dive on the Galápagos Rift, while searching for active hydrothermal vents, we are experiencing a strong signal in Seirios’ sonar. Immediately, we are approaching the object in near darkness, the form… Read More

Hercules Under the Sea

Findings Log: 5/13/11 Today we are descending with Little Hercules to a location on the eastern limb of the Galápagos Rift where a strong hydrothermal plume signal (4a west) was recently observed. Hopes are  high, feelings were anxious. When exploring… Read More

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