Becoming A Supermodel

1984: Dealing with Critiques at A Young Age

At 11, Tyra Banks grew three inches and lost 30 pounds over three months. The growth spurt that Banks made Banks an easy target for peer to bully.  The many hurtful made Banks into the strong independent woman she is today.10th Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Hair and Makeup

1990: Supermodel In the Making

At the age of 17 Banks decided to use her unique physically appearance to pursue a career in modeling. Still in high school, Banks went from one modeling agency to another to land a contract. Instead of attending college at Loyola Marymount Banks pursued her goal of becoming a model.

1991: Overseas Supermodel

After being signed to Elite Model Management, Banks received the opportunity to walk in 25  runway fashion shows in Europe. Tyra Banks had a look that was considered fresh that designers loved and craved in Europe.

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