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Long term bodybuildling effects

December 15th, 2015 · No Comments · Uncategorized


Kyle Wilson

Professor Fox

December 14, 2015

ENG 101

Research shows that body building could be beneficial when one reaches old age but could also be unfortunate. Useful outcomes like stronger bones from gaining muscle as well as feeling good and learning self discipline. Harmful outcomes are bad knees and joints, and sometimes communication problems because they could be so focused on what

they do and their main goal to succeed. Lifting weights at old age generally is great for their body because it keeps them healthy. Body building has more beneficial outcomes then the harmful ones so overall it’s still great for anyone to do.

Lifting young as a kid or a teen can be harmful because of growth problems which could affect you for the rest of your life. Starting young can affect one at old age because of the stunt growth. Lifting at a young age can cause future problems such as joint pain, most commonly seen is knee pain (J Glickfield, 2013).These usually occur due to improper form when lifting or doing squats. Running is another task that will put tons of strain on your joints, knees and back. Most bodybuilders participate in a lot of cardio to burn off the calories they have ate. To resolve this issue, bodybuilders should lower their calorie intake sl they do not have to run as much. Since reducing the amount of food you eat is extremely difficult, one could also resolve this by using the elliptical or stair climber for cardio instead of an intense run on the treadmill.Even though these problems may interfere with future participation, it should not stop young people from participating in bodybuilding.

Along with joint and knee issues, social issues can be a common negative effect of long term bodybuilding. The social issues that some bodybuilders have but not many is their lack of communication skills. Most active bodybuilders take lifting seriously. This means that they usually are only found working or socializing in a gym setting. Because of this detached demeanor, many bodybuilders neglect family, friends and relationships. As the body builder gets older, they may also start to feel a sense of emptiness as their body degrads and their abilities decline. This makes them feel lonely because they are comfortable around bodybuilders only, and feel a resentment towards them as they realize they can not work out as hard. The solution to this problem is simple: talk to your family and friends, and aspire for opportunities to achieve new friendships and hobbies outside the gym. Not talking to anyone for a good amount of time could change a person’s communication skills and or love life if they have one.

Lifting at an old age can be great and healthy for the body. Many older bodybuilders claim that they, “feel better physically and mentally; I feel wonderful inside and out (Woolston, 2015). Working out consistently can increase the strength in your muscles even into old age. A common fear the elderly have is falling and breaking a bone. As a person gets older, their muscle density starts to decrease, leaving the bones more open to detrimental situations, such as falling. The reason why their bones break so easily is because when they fall, their muscles are so small they do not give ny padding to the impact. Working out leading up to the old age intensifies the density of the muscles and increases the padding covering the bone. Stronger muscles also leads to stronger bones. The more amount of muscle one has on their body then the more dense their bone mass will be. This helps in too late age because it will protect against rapid bone decay and diseases such as osteoporosis.

Self discipline of one of the most important factors towards bodybuilding if you ever were one or would like to be one. Since Bodybuilders have to eat, sleep, and drink bodybuilding, they gain self discipline from having a strict diet to spending countless hours in the gym. Someone who lifts regularly has made a schedule for what they have to do a specific day as well as what time they are going to the gym that day which is self discipline. Body building motivates people to believe that they can achieve anything as long as they put their mind to it and remain dedicated. The discipline that comes with this dedication is irreplaceable and can be spread from person to person. A regular lifter will master time management and dedication due to the daily workouts and strict diets. Being dedicated in the gy can also create people to be dedicated in other parts of their lives such as relationships and work. A bodybuilder who wakes up at 5am to achieve an intense workout, knows that they will have the rest of their day to finish important work. These attributes are important to everyday bodybuilders, social and work lives.

Just like everything in life, bodybuilding comes with costs. Starting bodybuilding young can lead to joint damage, bad eating habits and a decreased social life. These things can all be avoided if bodybuilding is implemented correctly. As a person ages, bodybuilding will stay with them. body building increases the amount of muscle on your body which also increases the bone density. These gains can help prevent a major bone fracture or disease. Body building as a whole can also make a person be more dedicated to his relationships and work because of the amount of dedication it takes to be a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding has negatives that can be prevented, but benefits that can stay a lifetime.

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