Oct 30 2013

Food and Love – Creative Entry

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When in a state of eternal happiness (because have I ever been in love?), I pull out my box of tea from the cupboard, filled with leaves from Spain and England and obscure origins and choose one. Normally the summer is for light, fruity teas like Peach Blossom and White Champagne Raspberry, while during the winter, I savor dark teas like Cream Earl Grey or spicy ones like Chai with specks of pepper that seep out of the strainer floating on top. I do this, really, whenever I’m in an emotional state, either happy or sad or ready to jump off a cliff. Honestly, tea is a kind of “normal” that is portable, unlike my home or cat or dog or bed. Tea sustains me as I move from country to city to Europe to city – the rooms always change, and the bed I sleep on is never the same, but at least I will always be warmed by a familiar scent or taste from my treasure chest of teas. The eccentric collection underscores my temporal nature, always in transition, looking for the next opportunity, perfectly comfortable on an old lumpy conch as in a posh hotel bed. I’m not in love because I’m in love with change and adventure – a fetish as dangerous as the price of plane tickets. Luckily, tea is much cheaper.

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