Frank Gehry

Life and Education

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry was born in 1929 on February 28; he grew up to become one of the most famous architects in the world. His Polish and Jewish family named him Frank Owen Goldberg at the time of his birth in Toronto, Canada. In 1949, Gehry moved from Canada to Los Angeles, where he would later join the University of Southern California while working at various jobs. He graduated from a school of architecture, and it was at this time he changed his surname from Goldberg to Gehry. In 1956, Gehry moved to Massachusetts with his wife to try to enroll in Harvard’s School of Design. Sadly, his education at Harvard was never completed, and dropped out and afterward, divorce his first wife. The reason he didn’t complete at Harvard’s Design School was that his ideas for a socially responsible type of architecture were not realized (Isenberg and Gehry 43). He remarried in 1975 and had two more children with Berta Isabel Aguilera. He later went back to California after his attempt at design school failed, and that is where the legend of Frank Gehry was born.

Postmodern Architect

Frank GehryFrank Gehry moved to California to start his career, and he began making his name a household name through the Easy Edges furniture line. Most of the cardboard furniture products were sold in California between 1969 and 1973 before his marriage to Isabel, and before taking on the task of remodeling his family’s house in Santa Monica. It was unpredictable remodeling that made the architectural world’s attention, as his design was deemed unique and out of this world. The famous Walt Disney Concert Hall is among Gehry’s famous works, and this was after he achieved celebrity status after modeling homes in Southern California for a while. The Guggenheim Museum building in Spain and 8 Spruce Street or New York by Gehry are also Gehry’s work and have become tourist attractions. The Opus Hong Kong tower in China can also be placed among his top achievements.

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