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So this has been my favorite FAVORITE week of the internship so far. I was asked if I could take professional headshots of the RockChurch faculty! I’m so thankful that I found this internship that allowed me to use my photography skills with the marketing strategies I have learned. Photography is my absolute favorite pastime, there is something so surreal about capturing a moment that will remain frozen in time and space.

Headshots are so fun, because when people step in front of the camera their expressions, body positions, basically all the AWKWARD feelings come out. As a photographer, it is my job to relax my clients. I joke around with them, show them all the what not to do stuff, and sometimes I even let them take headshots of me so that they know what to expect. Then when it’s over and the picture has been taken, I love to turn the camera around and show them what they look like. In this moment, I want to hear their own critiques of themselves. After my many mental notes, I go into edit mode and fix those critiques.

How crazy is it that we are our own worst critics? We constantly strive to be the best we can be, and yet, we are struggling on the inside from ourselves. Imagine students turning in papers who have everything, their entire future riding on their grades in school. That massive amount of pressure to “do good” remains poised on their shoulders.

It’s funny to think that a simple headshot is going to reflect the pressure a person feels in their lives, but it does. The way that our consciousness brings out our worst flaws when we see an image is all in our heads. Taking these headshots reminded me of my freshman year, having no clue what I was doing, what direction I wanted to go in life, that total uncertainty was definitely clear. Now, as I am ending my internship and closing my undergraduate career, I have learned to celebrate the awkward and just relax!

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