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Scheduling and consistency


The last week has been a whirlwind of tasks and accomplishments. As I talked about in my previous post, my fiance` and I built the church a cross to have out front. We stained it a beautiful walnut color, and the morning of Easter Sunday, I covered it in flowers. Being new to an environment, as well as an area-so basically an ‘out cast’ so to speak, makes proving one’s worth quite eventful. Since the start of this internship, I have allowed myself to be depended upon, fast at tasks, and quick to learn. Those are my personal characteristics, so it has never been very hard to implement them in the workplace. However, implementing my skills into social media anonymously, as a religious organization has been a big learning curve.

Since the start of this internship, I have created and stuck to a time schedule for each objective that I cover throughout the week. In order to be the most efficient, I needed to understand the structure of my organization I was representing. My manager, Theresa, has been so unbelievably helpful in guiding me to a consistent and fluent manner of representation. She checks my work and lets me know (frequently) that the font is too small. She’s given me ideas for everything. Most importantly, she has been consistent in her feedback, and each time, given me something I can build upon to not only make the organization better but to better my work skills as well.

Consistency is key! Each day, I create and edit content. The goal is to grow the responses on social media so that our SEO ranking increases. Little by little, we have been rising in the rankings. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity that RockChurch has given me. Schedules and consistency…that’s it.

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