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Last Saturday RockChurch held an Easter event. Prior to the pandemic, we had children come to hunt eggs and enjoy themselves at a picnic party-styled event. This year though, we wanted to do something safer, but still fun and enlightening for the children in our community. As their media marketing intern, I felt that the consumers deserved more than just some posts about the event with generic pictures. My fiance and I built an arch that was large enough for vehicles to drive through, and I decorated it with fun images and paper fans. It was a big hit. (I will admit that in this area, having something like that had people being very skeptical of its’ strength and durability to withstand wind. They haven’t realized how much of a structural engineering background I have yet, so ssshhhh!) Through the arch’s enormity, families and onlookers were able to experience RockChurch as more than a church, and more than a media post in cyberspace. They were able to experience their brand in real life. This project demonstrated dedication to the community and visual arts. It showed everyone who came that this establishment is an over-the-top, one-of-a-kind church…basically, “though we are little, we are mighty”.

As you can see in the image above, the group is full of all ages and woks of life. Anyone who was willing to lend a hand was welcome! That is one of the things that I’ve learned as their marketing intern-living the brand that we sell to the public. Although this is a religious organization, the church still has an image to uphold. We are more than just a post in cyberspace, and when we use the hashtag, #forthe309 we are telling our community that we are FOR THEM ALL.

So, to draw the attention back to the main idea of this entry…branding is more than just an image on a screen. It goes above and beyond that, into the minds of everyone who sees it. Having a reputable brand should allow the name of the organization to speak for itself. I believe that by volunteering as an intern, to build this arch for the event, our community will now see that. Below is a link to their Facebook page, as well as all of the photos that I took on 3/27/21-all 494 of them!


click on the photo album section and look for: Easter Eggstravaganza 2021.

Branding the name for the community! 



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