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My readers may not have noticed this yet, but I am a very imaginative and artistic person. In everything I do, my goal is to have fun and be interesting. I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as flamboyant or ostentatious, but rather, more captivating and inquisitive.  So for the last week, RockChurch has been preparing for Easter! As most churches do, we are holding an Easter event for the public. Since COVID-19 is still at large, we wanted to do something fun and exciting, but safe! The children’s pastor, Theresa, decided to do a drive-thru Easter Eggstravangza! Easter is one of my favorite holidays too, so I felt that it was vitally important to decorate the drive-through area. I built an arch out of 2×4’s, and it is collapsible. It stands 8ft tall, and 10ft wide. I’ve decorated the top and sides with Easter colors, flowers, eggs, paper fans, all kinds of fun stuff that I had laying around the house, and a few that were ordered from Oriental Trading Co.


For the duration of this internship, I have worked remotely and behind the scenes. Building this arch has allowed me to come forward some and let our church members see who I am. I don’t mean who I am, as in I am just Alicia. I mean, what my personality is and what I am capable of doing. I believe that this Easter arch will let everyone see how creative and engaging RockChurch is, and the length they are willing to go to for their community. This entire internship came about through a women’s bible study group, where I was the new person in town. Finding a new career is difficult when relocating to a new area, let alone a group of friends. I’d like to say that with this internship, I received both. It has helped me to see how possible online marketing truly is. I am thankful for the skills that have been developed, especially in graphic design.

The Easter arch is my way of bringing what I have learned with the graphic social media designs, to life.

If you’d like to see the images, please click the link!

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