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The Power of the #


How are things happening so fast? Well, we have an incredible team working together for a common goal. Each person comes in with a good mood, and a get it done mindset. That’s not to say that all we do is work. A lot of RockChurch’s work is promoting their ministry and lending aid to the community. Without the citizens in our community, we would not exist. It is incredible to see how much the church does for each family, from children’s events to provide a place for teens to belong, giving each person a place to come and worship where they feel accepted. It is incredible. This is where I come in with social media. As mentioned earlier, my tasks are to find quotes that we can share online throughout the week—some that will engage those who attend services online and in person. One of the new things that we have been doing is promoting our local businesses. The pandemic took its’ toll on everyone around the world. So many lost their way, and we want to remind them that we are here. So through social media, I plan and manage the content that is shared. 


I use Canva and Photoshop to create and edit images, which I hope are eye-catching and meaningful. There is usually a short caption that accompanies the photos and a series of #’s. 

This brings me to a critical thought: the # a company uses will become the label’s face. Thanks to social media, #’s are a fast and efficient way to search for related information about a business, interest, or event. Using #forthe309 in all of our posts and content, we tell our area that we are FOR THEM, like how Marymount uses, Once a Saint, always a Saint as their encouraging moto. Our other # we implement frequently is #samemessagedifferentlanguage. It is long, so if anyone has an idea to shorten it, please let us know! However, this specific # is exceptional. It means that as a church, we are still working to deliver the word of God just as many others have before us. The big difference is the way we deliver it. Instead of having a congregation sitting silently while the pastor reads from the Bible each Sunday, events and memories of life Is linked to the purpose of the Bible’s text. So with the use of our #’s, we are informing our community of our goals. 


Some of my own goals in this idea of the #’s, are to slide them into everyday conversations while running errands. Social media is a great tool, but it does not erase human contact and verbal communication. I believe that it should be used as an assistant to communication-not the sole base of communication. With that said, one of my personal goals for this internship is to find a way to use social media’s voice for the greater good. Throughout this pandemic, we have all relied so heavily on social media to communicate that returning to face-to-face interactions will be a little awkward. Perhaps, with social media as a guide, I can aid others in conquering the awkwardness.

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