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Rolling with the punches


What an interesting few weeks I have spent learning the ropes at Roc Church! As with any job, familiarizing oneself with co-workers and volunteers is the most important task. These are the people who will become a mentor to you, as well as who you can count on to give advice and assistance when the workload becomes heavy. 


I am thankful that RockChurch has so many people who are willing to stretch their arms out to lend a helping hand. While setting up the various social media accounts into Hootsuite, I have found that there are probably no less than 10 people posting to social media at any given moment. The proverb, “it takes a village…” has never been more true. Prior to working with everyone at RockChurch, I was not a fan of texting other employees unless it was necessary for the job, and truthfully, I prefer to work through emails. However, after starting this internship, I am realizing that friendship and workmanship are one and the same, at least for RockChurch. That is what has made this experience incredible truthfully. 


I have also learned that to find success here, you must be flexible and adaptable, ya know…go with the flow. The last weeks have been such a chaotic fulfilling experience of that. I am a structured person, one that needs a schedule and weekly task list, I make charts…but this internship has helped me to find my own rhythm and purpose within the church. I have developed my own schedule, and have been working diligently to keep that on target. We are constantly reviewing new events that the church is doing with the community, and following the numerous safety standards that are in place. Each person keeps going with the flow and making things happen.


 This reminds me of The Tao of Pooh, by Benjamin Hoff, 

“Just how do you do it Pooh?”

“Do What?” asked Pooh. 

“Become so effortless.”

“I don’t do much of anything,” he said. 

“But all those things of yours get done.”

“They just sort of happen.” he said. 


We aren’t exactly like Pooh Bear, but you get the picture.


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