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Publishing the quotes and matching images!


So remember how I was learning to be flexible? Still doing that! One of the requests that the lead pastor made for my internship was to provide weekly quotes so song lyrics or sermon quotes. Rather than simply only post a plain image with a quote, I’ve been using Canva’s preloaded photos to create a nice background that is relevant to the quote I am posting. One that I absolutely must share with you is a song lyric that the pastor’s daughter sang, called “Let the Light In”. To create this image, I wanted to focus on a dark and moody crevice in the world, something that would represent the darkness in our lives. I was thinking in the lines of a metaphor. What I went with instead, is a light and airy, open window that’s a little old and washed out. You can see it above in the picture.


So why did I make the change? Well, the song is all about opening the gates of heaven to let the light into humanity. How often have we not opened the door to something because we were scared? I was terrified of how this internship would go. I have skills that are more advanced in many work areas, but lacking in this one. So neither entry-level work, but not advanced either…I was somewhere in the middle. When I began this internship, I was terrified to “let the light in” and see what I would gain from it. That wasn’t the work ethic on my part, but the genre of the work. I was looking for a fulfillment, not fulfillment. While working in this environment, I began to learn how to let in more than the light.

I began to understand the consumer response between colors in posts, words, phrases, all sorts of stuff that I was familiar with because of reading and writing literature, but not in this sense. So this song quote, and the image, turned around from dark and gloomy to something positive and welcoming, like this internship. All too often, my biggest obstacle is my own ego. I thought this was a great reminder to not only stay flexible with the internship and work but with myself as well.

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