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Branding! Just how important is it?


  Last Saturday RockChurch held an Easter event. Prior to the pandemic, we had children come to hunt eggs and enjoy themselves at a picnic party-styled event. This year though, we wanted to do something safer, but still fun and enlightening for the children in our community. As their media marketing intern, I felt that […]

Building Relationships


My readers may not have noticed this yet, but I am a very imaginative and artistic person. In everything I do, my goal is to have fun and be interesting. I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as flamboyant or ostentatious, but rather, more captivating and inquisitive.  So for the last week, RockChurch has been preparing for […]

The Power of the #


How are things happening so fast? Well, we have an incredible team working together for a common goal. Each person comes in with a good mood, and a get it done mindset. That’s not to say that all we do is work. A lot of RockChurch’s work is promoting their ministry and lending aid to […]

Rolling with the punches


What an interesting few weeks I have spent learning the ropes at Roc Church! As with any job, familiarizing oneself with co-workers and volunteers is the most important task. These are the people who will become a mentor to you, as well as who you can count on to give advice and assistance when the […]

Publishing the quotes and matching images!


So remember how I was learning to be flexible? Still doing that! One of the requests that the lead pastor made for my internship was to provide weekly quotes so song lyrics or sermon quotes. Rather than simply only post a plain image with a quote, I’ve been using Canva’s preloaded photos to create a […]