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Interning from your home vs. in person


Hello again everyone!

I’ve been working on communicating with my team better at Rock Church. Since most of my internship has been completed at home, I haven’t built as many working relationships as I want to. Although I do stop in at least once a week in person, it’s just not the same. There hasn’t been the early morning conversation around the coffee pot, or the random person stopping by my workstation to chat. Building those professional relationships has been hard. So far, I’ve learned that it is okay to randomly text your manager with crazy questions. I mean, I already knew that and was never afraid of the answers or of bothering them, but it’s been nice to have their responses be as fun and goofy as my questions. This internship has been guided but is prominently self-driven. Something that I am grateful for. I take task assignments in full storm. I like to be the person who can get it all done, faster than they believe I could. I love being consistent with them as well. However, building those relationships from my computer and cell phone has been a little hard. One thing I am beyond grateful for though, is that they chose to trust me with independence.

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