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Hi, Everyone! 

I am so excited to write this today because I have officially begun the internship as of last week. It has been interesting to see how many different roles that the church has behind the scenes. So many people work together as a team to ensure that it operates properly and efficiently. Shall we dub it…organized chaos? I think, yes! Do not fear that label though, because it shows how incredible the team truly is. Watching each leader of the church work together throughout the week and create such incredible opportunities for our area is simply astounding. Many times during the meetings, I have repeated to myself, “What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly” (some proverbial quote).

Personally, that is how I envisioned learning in this internship too. I had hoped that upon first glance I might be overwhelmed by everything. Now, as I sit here editing photos today that I took last Sunday, and creating social media designs to post for the week, I am seeing that the inner wheels of RockChurch are oiled to perfection. My absolute favorite feature of this entire internship is the people I work with. Being new to the area, and older than the typical college crowd, it’s been hard to make personal and professional connections. However, when I have questions for RockChurch, businesses, and pretty much anything at all, this team at RockChurch is always so eager to lend me advice and direction. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to have landed at my feet.


If you are still reading I am sure that you’re wondering what my duties have been, right?

  • First things first, create a Hootsuite account (or equivalent-but I chose to use Hootsuite because of familiarity).
    • I first used Hootsuite while working with the Literature and Languages Department at Marymount University. It has become the most helpful tool in managing social media profiles. I connected the church’s major social media platforms into one place, and have been scheduling posts more frequently.
    • The church is not as interested in the data numbers as I had thought. What they are interested in is ensuring that our community knows that we will lend a hand when needed, or a hug-any type of support. That is RockChurch’s goal, to be #forthe309.
  • Secondly, I have been following a weekly post schedule. Posting daily, multiple times a day for an organization is hard work. So together, my supervisor’s created a schedule to help make things clearer.
    • To create the posts, I review the services from Sunday.
    • I check the photos I took of our leaders and church-goers.
    • Then I head over to Canva and start designing a few fun posts.

So far, this has been quite a bit to get used to. I am thoroughly enjoying the activity and structure though. Moving forward, I hope to sit in on a podcast recording, snap a few “in action” images of Pastor Chuck, and his interviewees. My favorite part of the internship will, no doubt, be the photography! In the coming weeks, I will take professional headshots of the staff, and hopefully begin updating the website accordingly!


Wish me luck, XOXO,

Alicia Hobson

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