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Interning from your home vs. in person


Hello again everyone! I’ve been working on communicating with my team better at Rock Church. Since most of my internship has been completed at home, I haven’t built as many working relationships as I want to. Although I do stop in at least once a week in person, it’s just not the same. There hasn’t […]

Mistakes on the #’s?!- My mentor has my back.


Social media management can be overwhelming, even to the most experienced people. There are critics everywhere who are not as nice and accepting of a simple grammar error as others. Unfortunately, simple mistakes in grammar cost us a slot in an SEO ranking. Proofreading is the ultimate key! Something that I am not the most […]



Hi, Everyone!  I am so excited to write this today because I have officially begun the internship as of last week. It has been interesting to see how many different roles that the church has behind the scenes. So many people work together as a team to ensure that it operates properly and efficiently. Shall […]