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Welcome to Marymount University Commons.  More specifically, welcome to my blog page! I am Alicia (uh-leash-uh) and I live in East Peoria, IL! “Wait, Marymount University is in Arlington, VA!” That’s right, I am a veteran, and my fiance’, CJ, is in the Airforce (like I was), so we move and travel a lot. We spent 3 years in Alexandria, VA- (MY FAVORITE CITY), and moved last summer to our new permanent home in IL. We have a golden doodle named Annalise (On-NA-lease), she’s 2.

When you’re young, moving to a new area is sort of scary, but it is still fairly simple to make friends and adjust. Moving as an adult, especially during a pandemic, it is a lot harder. Thankfully, precisely 5 minutes from our home is an incredible church, Rock Church. We have a wonderful praise band, the most brutally enlightening and honest pastor I’ve ever met, and a congregation that immediately welcomed my family with open arms. I am sure you are wondering why this is important, right?

Well, not only do I attend Rock Church for Sunday worship services and socialization, but they also employed me to assist them with their social media marketing strategies as my internship! As an English major, I have the writing skills; and as an Education minor, I [un]fortunately have the ability to talk about anything and everything for minutes upon hours. It also helped that I happen to work for the Department of Literature and Languages via Digital Writing and Narrative Design as their student worker where I assist with social media and blog posts…so my internship fits my interests well.

I cannot wait to share what I’ve learned through this blog. If you’re willing, leave me a comment so we can chat! 

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