This course will ask you to complete a number of discrete and formal assignments, but it also values informal presentation, lab work, discussion, and other kinds of assignments. Participation is defined, for our purposes, as thoughtful and responsible engagement with the material, your peers, and the instructor, both in face-to-face and digital contexts. Each student will be required to create and maintain a blog on Marymount Commons, which will become a portfolio of your work and public persona as you develop your academic identity. Because this is a course that emphasizes technology, and because I do not expect you to have any particular pre-existing knowledge about it, it is also your responsibility to ask questions. Participation means thoughtful, responsible engagement with the course, and a big part of that is developing a curious public voice.  Unsure of something? Missed a point, want to discuss it further? Ask! I am also available in office hours.

Grade breakdown:

  • Participation, Workshopping, and Informal Presentation: 30%
  • Formal Presentations: 15%
  • Weekly blog posts: 25%
  • Final seminar project and paper: 30%
  • Extra Credit/Professional Development Project